The fireworks which was presented by Luxembourg company Fire event was covered by the clouds. People which were standing on the left of on the right of the tribune applauded their creativity and art. Anyway it was a pitty for many people and jury that the show was most of the time invisible.
Some picture you can find here... 

The next show was dated on 8.6.2011 VACCALLUZZO Italy

The theme of show was “Human moods”. In fact each song will represent a different typical human mood: joy, serenity, anger, nostalgia and fortitude. The italian were introducing their show with the tribute to the Czech Republic with the song Syphony of the New world by Antonín Dvořák.

All fireworks products were completely hand made by them. It means that each firework effect you have seen was invented, created and formed with their own minds and hands.

The grand final in Brno City (Spilberg Castle) on 10.6.2011 grandly concludes the whole festival.

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