The International fireworks performance already started with the exhibition show of Flash Barrandov "Vitamins for Friends".


The next fireworks will be presented  1.6.2011 STORM ARTIFICES France - "Stormy Concert":


This firework tell the relationship to the prehistoric man with the sounds of nature. At the beginning,the prehistoric man was empress by sounds around him; animal noise, thunder, rain, rivers. With pieces of wood and stones, they tried to copy sounds of nature and they decided to create their own music. Several centuries later, modern mans organised a huge concert"Stormy concert" in tribute to the first prehistoric and musician man. Today, this man come back. Tonight, he is in the audience.......close to you.


The performances are set to music broadcast live on the airwaves of radio KISS HÁDY 88,3 / 104,1 FM at 10:30 pm.

Next programme:

4.6.2011 FIRE EVENT Luxembourg
8.6.2011 VACCALLUZZO Italy

The best place to watch the fireworks is the stand in the Bay of Rakovec with sound facilities, as well as the Rakovec Brach and the hill Kozí horka.
The grand final in
Brno City (Spilberg Castle) on 10.6.2011 grandly concludes the whole festival.

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