The first competing show called "Stormy Concert" (Storm Artifices, France) was presented on the lake yesterday. You can see the pictures of the show here...

The next fireworks will be presented  4.6.2011 FIRE EVENT Luxembourg - "Luxembourg meets Brno"

The firework will follow a selection of finest, international, music – it will follow them in an elegant
way to combine firework in a maximum with the music. It will be like Champagne for the eyes !

The usage of high quality products from all over the world, unique colors and the absolutly harmony between the fireworkeffects and the effects of music will make this show to an extraordinary summary of finest pyrotechnic art.

The Luxembourg team, with his boss and chiefchoreograph Michael Rzehak, will not just build with the type of music a bridge between the two countries – also the selection of the finest products will allow to stabilize those bridge between those wonderful countries.

Different forms, unique colors from highest quality … combined with the power and passion of a young team will catch you to choin a trip to another world. .

The performances are set to music broadcast live on the airwaves of radio KISS HÁDY 88,3 / 104,1 FM at 10:30 pm.

Next programme:


8.6.2011 VACCALLUZZO Italy

The best place to watch the fireworks is the stand in the Bay of Rakovec with sound facilities, as well as the Rakovec Brach and the hill Kozí horka


The grand final in Brno City (Spilberg Castle) on 10.6.2011 grandly concludes the whole festival.

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