We are honored to be one of the participants during this summer edition of the Montreal International Fireworks Competition.


Participating companies are presented their countries in the following dates:


China - Panda Fireworks, “Kung Fu” – July 25, 2011

Czech Republic – Flash Barrandov SFX, “The Flower Duet” – July 2, 2011

England – Pyro 2000, “Stars of the World” – July 9, 2011

Italy – Pirotecnica Morsani, “Angels and Demons” – July 13, 2011

Australia – Howard & Sons, “The Colors of Kakadu“– July 16, 2011

USA – Zambelli Fireworks, “The Wizard of Oz” – July 20, 2011

Canada – BEM Feux d’Artifice, “Éros & Psyché” – July 23, 2011

France – Lacroix –Ruggieri, “Maudits Francais” – July 27, 2011

Award Ceremony
– La Ronde Fireworks (Panzera) – July 30, 2011


The Flower Duet

The design of the Flower Duet fireworks show came into being exclusively in the company of beautiful melodies and outstanding singing performances, under influence of music with which and for which to work is sheer delight.


The spectators will hear compositions by such authors as Saint-Saens, Prokofiev, Gershwin or Massenet, but also fruits of cooperation between Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass.


The Flower Duet composition, from the opera Lakmé by Leo Delibes, became inspiration for the whole show, whose climax is expressed by a part of “Ode to Joy” from the 9th Symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven. World-renowned orchestras accompany voices of star singers, such as Harolyn Blackwell, Mady Mesplé or Danielle Millet.


The visual framework of the show rests upon pyrotechnical products of Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese manufacturers as Panzera, Vaccalluzzo, Ricardo Caballer, Pirofantasia or Luso Pirotecnia…


Music and fire as a joyful duet, with playfulness of thousands of sparks on summer sky, energy radiating from countless flowers blooming in the heat, in emotional consonance, in common rhythm, in simultaneous precious moment of celebration…


Joy, beautiful spark of Gods,
Daughter of Elysium
We enter, fire-imbibed
Heavenly, thy sanctuary


Introductory lines of Ode to Joy poem written by Friedrich Schiller in 1785.


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