The Linzer Klangwolke (Linz Cloud of Sound) is an open-air multimedia musical event held each year since 1979 in early September in the Linz Danube Park in the Austrian town of Linz

"Feuerwelt 2011 - Eine Science-Fiction"; Konzept und Regie: Beda Percht; Musik: Thierry Zaboitzeff; Pyrotechnik: Christian Czech

A new thetrical style style of staging fireworks displays was presented by Christian Czech (Pyrovision) and Breda Percht (Cataracts). This year was presented: : "2011 - Feuerwelt. Eine Science-Fiction" plays with a fascinating idea: an extraterrestrial intelligence that wants only the best for humankind watches over the Earth and protects it.

"Feuerwelt" (World of Fire) shows humankind's search for this intelligence and depicts those moments in which the "aliens" have intervened in human history. This narrative is interwoven with human attempts to explain what cannot be grasped - by means of transcendence, mysticism and religion, as well as with the help of science. In 2011, humankind is faced with a decision. "

"2011 - Feuerwelt. Eine Science-Fiction" was inspired by the novel "Childhood's End" by Arthur C. Clarke, the British author whose worldwide bestseller "2001: A Space Odyssey" was filmed by Stanley Kubrick. Musik und Komposition: Thierry Zaboitzeff 2011 (all rights reserved).

FLASH BARRANDOV got the chance to cooperate in the end of the story and colored the Epilogue of the : "2011 - Feuerwelt. Eine Science-Fiction" by the rainbow game.