Pyromagic 2012 in Szczecin was the fifth international fireworks festival in the row held in this Polish port city. This year was exceptional due to the fact that the participants were winners of the past four events.

In the course of two evenings (August 11 – 12), four teams presented their art at the city embankment of the Oder river:  Parente from Italy, Macedos from Portugal, Forward from China, and Flash Barrandov SFX from the Czech Republic. In the past, these companies beat other fireworks teams from Germany, France, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and South Korea - for complete list see

Each of the 18-minute shows had a short compulsory part and, as in the past, the displays were fired from interconnected barges (total width: 120 m) anchored at the safe distance from the embankment. The barge decks were always shared by two competing teams, and there was one hour intermission between the shows.

The weather could not be better: clear skies and gentle breeze. This, together with great expectations of quality performances, surely contributed to high attendance – 60 000 to 70 000 visitors on each night.

The five-member jury’s final decision made Czech company Flash Barrandov SFX the winner and holder of the “Master of Masters” title.

The organization of the event was splendid, and all the participating companies highly appreciated technical support of the domestic company Surex (the co-organizer), and, last but not least, very friendly treatment and hospitality.