Held annually since 1966, this is one of the finest European fireworks contests.

Flash Barrandov SFX company competed on July 19, preceded by France (Storm Artifices, July 9), and followed by Austria (Pyrovision, August 8), and England (Pyrotex, August 25).

Each show, with compulsory 25-minute duration and synchronized to music (a requirement since 1996), was set off from concrete semi-floating breakwater Quai Rainier III., at the mouth of the world-famous luxury yacht port.

The name of the Czech show was “Vitamins for Friends”, and, under traditionally excellent weather conditions, it drew attendance of tens of thousands of eager spectators.

A 7-member jury had to make decision directly after the last show. This year it was English company Pyrotex, the last contestant, which was proclaimed a winner and awarded the first prize