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Aquafog 3300


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The Aquafog 3300 uses dry ice to produce a thick low lying fog. The plastic tank holds water witch is heated by two 2000 watt elements. When the water has reached operating temperature it is pumped via a plumbing system up into a chamber which holds dry ice. The reaction between the hot water and dry ice immediately forms a thick fog. A fan then blows the fog out to the stage throught a duct hose. This machine can cover the stage, or any area up to 100 m2.

FLASH Technicians Only

Technical parametres

12 kg ice blocks approx. 15 min

Warm up time:50 min

Tank Capacity:106 l / 30 kg

Dimensions:54 x 77 x 97 cm

Weight:40 kg

Power:400 V, 4 kW