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Krendl Snow System


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Paper Snow Full Size (chem. free)
Paper Snow Full Size (fire proof)
Paper Snow Half Size (chem. free)
Paper Snow Half Size (fire proof)
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The Krendl is a compact, reliable and productive machine that is ideal for dressing even very large areas with paper snow and powder, as well as for creating a falling snow effect using paper snow. When using this machine for dressing a surface with paper snow it is combined with a wet spray system to reduce the dust level. The Krendl is mounted on castor wheels just like the wet spray system and may be linked to form a ?train? that may be towed behind a Polaris 6-wheeler, meaning that it can even be transported to rather inaccessible locations. A Power Generator may be attached to the Krendl in the event that electrical power lines are not available on location.

FLASH Technicians Only

Truck Needed

Technical parametres

Dimensions:69 x 111 x 107 cm

Power:220 V

Consumption:215 kg

Further information

+ Honda Petrol Generator + Wet System