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Stadium Shot

Stadium Shot
Stadium Shot Stadium Shot

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Extra handles on the flightcase Wheel casters (cups) in lid of the flightcase PED certified tank with flat sides according to the latest regulations Special stainless steel quick connectors on tank and shot barrel (saves a lot of time to connect the shot barrels) Grip handles on the tank brackets, more power to tighten Fixed brackets, the tank can only make the required 90 degree angle New hose connector with non-return valve, international profile Air filter 20 micron (0.02mm) Built-in manometer Different power input options (100-250Vac 50-60Hz, 12-24Vdc) New Neutrik True1 powerCON connectors in & out Led indicator, lights when powered Drains in each corner of the case 8.5 Bar pressure relief safety valve Manual relief valve (for depressurizing the tank)

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