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Stage effects

We provide turnkey services, rental and sale of materials and equipment. We are the exclusive representative of MAGIC FX, the industry leader.

Stage pyro effects

With more than 20 years of experience with fireworks, we can offer you the best quality pyro effects for your event.

Illustration: Transmission (2007-2017)

Confetti and streamers

In our offer you will find all colors, sizes and shapes of confetti. We offer solutions from small parties to the biggest events.

Illustration: Majáles - HK - Praha - Brno

CO2 effects

The effect of white streams of smoke has become a classic on many musical productions.

Illustration: Mandrage


We offer several types of devices in different modifications so we can always deliver the desired effect and manageability.

Illustration: Let it Roll (2014- 2017)

Low-lying fog

A low-lying fog is a very interesting effect that can be used to enhance interior events.

Illustration: Plunkett & Macleane

Bubbles and foam

A less-used, but very effective for events. Ideal solution for summer parties.

Illustration: Voyages-SNCF - The Escape Machine

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