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Special effects

We offer a complex service in the field of special effects for film, television, theater and social events.

Atmosferic effects

We can create simulations of atmospheric phenomena such as: smoke, fog, steam, rain and wind.

Illustration: Anthropoid

Pyrotechnic effects

Our specialists are able to cover the entire spectrum from the small to large explosions including compressed air simulations.

Illustration: Ubisoft

Fire effects

We can handle all types of burning, from props to interior and exterior and large fires.

Illustration: Underworld V

Mechanical effects

Our experienced team can design and manufacture devices to simulate the destruction of props, manipulation of water mass, cardan joints that propel a car, but also a naval ship and many other complicated mechanisms.

Illustration: Snowpiercer

Breakaway glass and safe resin

We offer a complete assortment of breakaway glass products according to our forms or custom made.

Illustration: Transporter: The Series

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How we are working:

Pyrotechnic effect

  • title

    Before performing the effects, careful preparation is essential. Select location...

  • title

    ...calculate the correct amount of charge, ensure the security of all participants...

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    40/5000 When everything is ready, we are ready to shoot!

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    Camera, sound!

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    A final, safe and great effect is in the world.

As for the Majáles show, we can talk about the Stone Age before Flash Barrandov and about the Light Age when we moved into the 21st century.

Michal Šamánek, Majáles

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