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Marpo - O2 Arena

Stage pyrotechnics, many stage effects and custom-made confetti.


Troublegang or nothing!

Marpo and Troublegang concert at the O2 Arena was really at the top level of local performers, and it may have surpassed that level. Of course we could not miss it, and we were happy to prepare a complete range of stage effects and pyrotechnics. There were also custom-made confetti with custom design and graphics, Explo, CO2Jet, CO2Gun, smoke and of course many pyrotechnic effects specially designed for stage use.

The aim of the design of our pyrotechnic show and other effects was to achieve a magnificent show that does not have any similarities in our country and inspire an apocalyptic atmosphere that has been tuned to all the visuals of decorations and visualizations on screens.

The following reactions did not leave for a long time, so for example, on Aktuálně.cz, the show reads: "... another successful chapter in the rapera motivation manual, which laughed five years ago when taking a concert at Lucerna Music Bar . This time, they had already exploded in the largest hall in the country and amplified a professionally prepared and played hall show that would find it hard to look for competition. Not only in your genre. "

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