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Marpo - O2 Arena

Stage pyrotechnics, many stage effects and custom-made confetti.

"A show that hardly seeks to compete. Not only in the genre."


Troublegang or nothing!

The Marpa and Troublegang concert at the O2 Arena was really at the top level of local performers, and it may have surpassed that level. Of course we could not miss it, and we were happy to prepare a complete range of stage effects and pyrotechnics. There have been custom-made confetti with custom design and graphics, Explo, CO2 Jets, CO2 Gun, smoke and, of course, many pyrotechnic effects specially designed for stage use.

The aim of the design of our pyrotechnic show and other effects was to achieve a magnificent show that does not have any similarities in our country and inspire an apocalyptic atmosphere that has been tuned to all the visuals of decorations and visualizations on screens.

The following reactions did not leave for a long time, so for example, on Aktuálně.cz, the show reads: "... another successful chapter in the rapera motivation manual, which laughed five years ago when taking a concert at Lucerna Music Bar . This time, they had already exploded in the largest hall in the country and amplified a professionally prepared and played hall show that would find it hard to look for competition. Not only in the genre. "


new web

We launched a brand new site.

All in one place

As you might have noticed, we launched in cooperation with the renowned company Sherwood Digital a.s. completely new web site. Our main goal was to present our work in a good and modern way so that every visitor could quickly find what we offer. You can see the different categories of effects we offer in short videos or photos. Of course, there are also sections of projects where you can find out on what projects we have been working on over a quarter of a century and have a look at some of the recent years. An integral part of the new design was the redesign of the eshop. It is now merged with a rental shop in order to easily find in every category not only consumer goods, but also rental facilities. For each product, besides the technical parameters and description, you can also find out what the related goods are. You can easily find, for example, fluids for our smoke machines or confetti to launchers without unnecessary clicks. Thank you for your support and do not hesitate to contact us with feedback about our new web site. There is always space for improvement and we are happy to hear the opinions of our clients.


Ignis Brunensis 2018

The 21st International Fireworks Competition is already being prepared.

"Fireworks are art of a high technical level."

Jaroslav Štolba

For the twenty-first, the preparation of the STAROBRNO IGNIS BRUNENSIS International Fireworks Competition has started and we, as co-organizer of the event, bring you fresh information. This year's edition will take place from 25 May to 16 June. The audience will be able to watch four competition fireworks on Brno's dam at Saturday and Wednesday at 22:30 beginning on May 2nd. As always, teams are required to have a two-minute obligatory part in which they have to process Czechoslovak motifs this time. The theme that will most resonate this year's competition will be the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia and 90 years since the opening of the Brno Exhibition Center. The fireworks from our workshop will traditionally start and finish the whole event at Špilberk Castle.

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